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Current People

Toronto Free-Net is run entirely by volunteers.  Titles and labels, such as "officer" and "staff", indicate degrees of commitment and responsibility, not remuneration.

Directors, officers, managers

TFN's board of directors meets monthly.  Officers and managers attend too.

The TFN board consists of 8 directors whose terms are staggered.  Each director normally serves a three-year term.  Every year, the seats of 3 directors come up for election (only 2 seats every third year).  In the list below, directors are listed along with the calendar year of the AGM at which their term ends.

All email addresses below are

Last updated: 19/Nov/2016

Until Name Title
2017 Boyd Ramsay director
2017 Adam Holland director
2018 Colin McGregor director
2018 Lee MacNeill director
2018 Anastasia Ionas director
2019 Mike Kaulbach director
2019 Iain Calder director
2019 Warren Miller director
Email Name Title
president Lee MacNeill president
treasurer (vacant position)  treasurer
corporate-secretary  Boyd Ramsay secretary
gen-mgr Iain Calder interim general manager
is-mgr Iain Calder information systems manager

Committee chairs, project leaders

Each committee/project page provides its own contact information.

Last updated: 19/Feb/2016

Group Head Title
IR committee (vacant position)
ER committee Lee MacNeill  acting chair
ARF committee  Lee MacNeill acting chair
cluster project Lee MacNeill leader 

Other staff

If you are an active volunteer, you are welcome to a listing here.  Just tell your coordinator.

The following people currently volunteer at TFN:

Last updated: 19/Nov/2016

Name Roles
Mike Dohme  hardware, software development, technical support. 


If you are registered with TFN as an advisor, you are welcome to a listing here.  Just tell the TFN office.

The following people have agreed to advise TFN in their area of expertise:

Last updated: Aug/2012

Name  Expertise
(no public listings currently)

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